How to Make Sure Your iPhone Apps Are Surefire Winners

If you’re even remotely interested in applications that can be used on the iPhone, then you would know that some of the best iPhone apps are developed by independent application software developers. In fact, you may have even toyed with the idea of developing your own applications too.

Rather than try to browbeat the competition into submission, the manufacturers of the iPhone have made it amazingly easy for novel applications from would-be developers to reach the masses. With the convenience of having the app store sell applications on their behalf, freelance and independent developers don’t need worry about their budget for software development or marketing. That’s because the store takes care of these nitty-gritty details. All the developer has to do is concentrate on coming up with something that will blow away even the best applications available.

Creating some of the best iPhone apps may sound like a fun thing to do, but you need to be able to devise something that millions of users will find irresistible. One way of going about this is to first identify your target market, or audience. True, you don’t have to do any actual marketing, but you have to gear your app towards a market you know will be interested in it.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, you can always visit the app store to see what the most popular apps of the moment are and come up with your own take on a popular application. However, the similarity may result in your creation looking like a copy and may not garner much popularity or profit.

Originality counts for a lot in today’s fast-changing world of technological advancements. It’s better to think of what’s lacking in your own iPhone for which there is no application available. From there, you can develop your idea even further. If the application you develop becomes indispensable to all who’ve used it, who knows, yours might just be the very next killer app.

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Social Networking On The HTC Wildfire S

With the popularity of social networking, it is only natural that apps and widgets are now available for most smartphones so users can check notifications on the go. In this article I will look at how the HTC Wildfire S is suited to such tasks.

Facebook and Twitter are the two most popular social networking sites, with many millions of users on each. There is an Android optimised Facebook and Twitter app installed as standard on the HTC Wildfire S, as well as a Sense Twitter client called ‘Peep’ which allows you to carry out all the tasks on the site that you can on a desktop or laptop computer. The Facebook app is easy to use, and also allows you to carry out many of the tasks that you can on the website itself. Whether you want to post a status update, manage friend requests, read and send private messages or interact with your friends’ activity by liking or commenting on posts, this can all be done using the app.

As part of the HTC Sense UI (HTC’s custom Android interface), FriendStream is a pre-installed widget which is ideal for those who enjoy social networking. The widget takes up a whole homescreen, so it is easy to view and use with touchscreen operation. It chronologically displays updates from both your Twitter and Facebook accounts in one place. This is advantageous mainly from a convenience standpoint. Because information from both sites is displayed on the FriendStream interface you do not have to use the individual apps or websites, which can save time logging in every time you want to check your notifications. The widget also allows you to update your Facebook status whilst simultaneously posting a new ‘Tweet’ on Twitter.

Whether you use the individual apps or the FriendStream widget, the HTC Wildfire S is a good example of how social networking can be carried out effectively on a smartphone. However its social networking credentials go beyond using Facebook and Twitter. Because of the deep app integration of HTC Sense, you can instantly share your photos and videos from the phone’s camera and gallery not only to Facebook and Twitter, but also to dedicated sharing websites like YouTube and Flickr. Thanks to the GPS functionality of handsets like the HTC Wildfire S, you can also use your phone to ‘check-in’ at locations and tag friends you are with. This will then be displayed on your Facebook profile and your friends’ news feeds.

There are of course many other social networking sites out there, with most offering dedicated apps optimised for Android and other smartphone operating systems like iOS and Windows Phone. Social networking is showing no signs of slowing down in terms of its popularity, so we can expect to see more innovations in the applications of smartphone optimisation for these sites. The HTC Wildfire S is of course just an example of the many smartphones which are ideal for those who are into social networking.

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Mobile Recruiting Apps – Take Hiring on the Go

The advent and never ending rise of the Internet has made the hiring process very efficient and productive for recruiting professionals. Now, with the smart phone constantly at our side, mobile technology has allowed to do everything in transit – including recruiting.

Mobile recruiting is on the rise. So much that there has been a whole conference built around it called mRecruitingcamp: The Mobile Recruiting Conference. Nonetheless, more and more companies have been utilizing their smart phones to do the hiring tasks that would usually be done sitting behind a desk.

Like any recruiting software, mobile recruiting apps perform the essentials when it comes to the hiring process. Since the apps can be accessed in compact form, it makes the process even more efficient and allows professionals to get their work done “on the go”. Mobile recruiting apps give employers the access they need for applicant information. It not only allows them to filter the most qualified candidates via a dashboard, but it also allows them to call or email the candidate via their phone.

In addition to basic recruitment software needs, there are many other apps that are other tools that help in the hiring process. Some apps allow the recruiter to design specific interview questions and then send them to the candidates. The candidate can then video their answers and send them back to their employee – all via a smart phone. Both parties can also watch branding videos of the company, send video introductions, and “thank you” videos.

There are also apps that serve as full applicant tracking systems. The latter is perfect for use at job fairs and networking events. In addition, there are separate tools that serve a specific function in the hiring process. It’s important that users of ATS systems – hiring managers and recruiters – have the ability to take their job on the go. Finding the best talent in any specific industry is an ongoing battle that requires constant vigilance, and a mobile recruiting application can provide a business with just the edge that’s necessary to be successful.

Many of the apps are free and are quickly becoming popular among many recruiting professionals. The apps are being used widely on smart phones such as Androids, iPhones and Blackberrys as well as tablets such as iPads. It not only increases productivity and streamlines the hiring process, but it literally puts all the information at your fingertips.

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LCD Enclosures – A Fresh Approach to Outdoor Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is changing the shape of marketing by introducing more colourful and engaging imagery which is slowly replacing the traditional methods of advertising used for so many years.

By using flat screen TV devices, moving images can be used to replace the tired static messages used in conventional signage and its not just in indoor locations where digital advertising is creating a more modern and dynamic feel to marketing.

Outdoor digital signage is even more effective than conventional digital advertising because the audience numbers involved are a lot higher than for indoor digital advertising. And with modern waterproof LCD enclosures that house conventional LCD or plasma TVs, embarking on an outdoor digital signage or advertising campaign is not as difficult as you would imagine.

A standard TV, an LCD enclosure and a media playing device connected to the screen to deliver content are all that is required to initiate an outdoor digital signage system.

The LCD enclosure will act as not only a weatherproof barrier protecting the digital outdoor screen from the elements but also will act as protection against any impact or unwanted attention from vandals and thieves.

This simple approach to outdoor digital signage is ideal for those looking to embark on the outdoor digital advertising route but who have concerns about the initial outlay, costs involved or a re worried about leaving valuable electronics attached to an outside wall.

As the outdoor LCD enclosure houses a standard LCD screen there is no large substantial outlay and even for indoor areas, as the LCD enclosure also maintains the ideal condition for a digital display device, especially if there is adequate air flow within the enclosure, the digital screen should last a lot longer than would normally be the case.

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