Don’t Make A $300 Digital Camera Mistake

There are hundreds of different digital cameras on the market, all of which claim to be the best camera to buy. There are, however, many factors that should be taken into consideration before you make your next digital camera purchase, to make sure you don’t make a mistake and pay a great deal of money for features you won’t use or even need.

Megapixels is one of the first things buyers look at when making a digital camera purchase, since many camera companies claim their camera has the most megapixels on the market. Although this may be true, the number of megapixels actually has very little to do with the overall quality of the picture. There are many other factors camera buyers should be looking at before making a purchase, and megapixels should actually be last on the list.

How easy the camera is to use should be the first consideration, especially if one plans on using the camera on a regular basis. It should be simple to take a picture as well as use many of the features, such as person recognition, scene setting, color changes, and all of the other settings the camera has to offer. There is no point in spending a great deal of money to get the best camera on the market if it is awkward to use, so make sure it is user friendly before making the purchase.

The quality of the pictures is probably the second most important factor to consider, since nobody wants a blurry picture when they are trying to capture something amazing. Image stabilization is the most important feature that any digital camera can offer, since it is pretty much guaranteed that your pictures will come out crystal clear. It allows you to take pictures in situations that would normally require a flash, but they still come out looking as clear and detailed as the actual item you are trying to capture.

Many digital camera manufacturers say their camera has shake reduction software, but this offers nothing compared to true image stabilization. Shake reduction usually uses ISO settings, which can actually make the picture appear grainy rather than crystal clear. Even though it may help to filter out the picture when taking it in an unstable setting, the picture will look nothing like the actual frame being captured, and will actually look like it was taken on a low quality camera.

The zoom capability is the final factor that should be taken into consideration when making a digital camera purchase, since almost everyone would like to take a clear picture from far away. The camera should have a respectable amount of zoom, which is normally in the range of about 3x. It is preferred to have 4x or above as this will give you the best pulling power.

It is important to take all of these factors into consideration when making a digital camera purchase, to make sure you are not wasting your money on features you don’t need. By buying a camera that is easy to use, contains a respectable amount of zoom, and has image stabilization, you will be sure to get every penny’s worth when making your digital camera purchase.

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