Explore the Basic Types of Software Testing

Software testing is an essential process of the IT industry. The process involves testing the features and validating the functioning of the program effectively. This is a very important branch of the IT field because any software created is first tested to ensure its effectiveness and proficiency in accordance to its specifications and testing strategies. It also helps to detect any kind of defects and flaws in the functioning of the software which in turn helps the designer to take the required measure and create software with flawless operation.

There are different types of testing done based on functions. Every type is this classification is based upon its role and significance in the testing procedure. There is a functional testing that is done to test any kind of functional defects in the software and ensure proper functioning. Then there is performance testing that is mainly done when software is not working properly. Under such a situation testing is done to find any kind of defect that is hampering the effective performance. There is acceptance testing done to verify whether the software meets the customer specific requirements or not and the recovery testing is done to test how effectively a system is able to recover from crashes, hardware failure, and other computer related issues. Apart from these, there is usability testing for detecting and verifying usability defects and security testing to ensure the security system or code of the software is free of bugs and defects.

Apart from this there are various other classifications as well based on which software testing is divided into different categories. Amongst the list of varied classification, the basic types are the manual and the automatic types that are classified on the principle of its mode of operation.

Manual Testing is a type in which a tester is used to verify and validate each and every step. At every step every button is pressed and every link is selected to ensure its operation with respect to the given specifications in the testing procedure. This is a completely manual procedure of testing where every link is tested carefully, every page is read, every graphic is analyzed, and all paths verified. For such laborious work companies and organizations appoint quality assurance professionals who are skilled and talented in the said field. Manual software testing is a very time-consuming method but still considered to be most effective especially in areas of games testing, internet testing, and end-user testing. This type assures higher level of satisfaction to the consumers and clients.

Automated Testing is a type in which testing is done purely through an automated tool. This tool becomes functional with just one click of a mouse or one button on the keyboard and the complete series of software is verified and validated for its performance. The tool is a complex and a costly affair but still there are companies that lay special focus on this method to ensure time-saving reduce labor cost. It also requires lot of care and maintenance but is good for long term benefits. Most of the generational software is tested using this method and also some important software compatibility test is held using automated testing method.

Furthermore, there are more types like the black box, white box, unit testing, alpha, beat, incremental integration, and sanity testing. All the methods or types have their own significance and value in the software testing process.

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