Mobile Phone Testing and Why it is Necessary

It’s fair to say that smart phones have completely changed the way people communicate and live their daily lives. With jail-breaking came a whole new vision of what unlocked mobile phones could be capable of. No longer is the “telephone” portion of the device viewed as the main reason for having it, as email, internet and other types of applications have been instrumental in causing the popularity of smart phones. It’s no secret that “apps” have taken over, and they are becoming more and more advanced as each day goes on. But are smart phones built for the rapid expansion that the market necessitates?

The argument that many people make is that the smart phone industry never really anticipated such a strong public reaction to mobile applications, and thus the phones were not built to be able to handle the complex pieces of software that are being released today. In some ways, this theory is testable. For instance, users of older-generation phones often experience lag and crashing when they try to run newly released programs. Since Apple’s store shares the same apps between platforms (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad), it’s safe to say that not all apps are created equal, and some are not exactly meant to be run on certain machines.

What consumers may not know is that smart phone developers are fully aware of the issue,and have been working for years to create devices that are able to keep up with the public’s demand for speed and usability. New mobile phones are tested rigorously in labs in order to fix any potential bugs that could make it difficult to run the apps of the future, and although no one is perfect, the phones of today are faster, more flexible and generally more well built than those of yesterday. With the added influence of customer feedback and reviews, developers are constantly learning what needs to be looked at with their phones.

It’s safe to say that mobile phones are some of the most rigorously tested devices in today’s technological landscape.

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